Install YAMN as a Remailer Server on a VPS

YAMN can be run as a remailer client or a remailer server. In this tutorial we are interested in setting it up as a remailer server.

This tutorial assumes a working VPS with Debian or Ubuntu and a working MTA (we recommend Postfix). Before installing a remailer it's very important that you can already send email to an outside source from your VPS with an address like, and that you can receive email at your VPS at that same address. This will mean purchasing a domain name and, at a minimum, setting up an A record and MX record for that domain.

Our first step here is to download the source code for YAMN, and then build a yamn binary using Go to compile it. If you would like to skip the compiling process and just grab a pre-compiled YAMN binary Stefan Claas offers these Yamn binaries for various architectures.

  • If you haven't already done so install the Go language by following the tutorial HERE.

  • As root or as a sudo user install Git which will allow you to download the YAMN source code from Zax's Github repository:

    root@vps:~$ apt install git
  • While we are root let's install the man (manual) page for the YAMN remailer:

    root@vps:~$ wget --no-check-certificate && mv yamn.1 /usr/share/man/man1

    We will also need procmail:

    root@vps:~$ apt install procmail
  • Logout of root. Login as regular user 'yamn' or whichever user in whose home directory you installed Go.

  • Download the YAMN source code:

    yamn@vps:~$ go get
  • To build the YAMN binary do:

    yamn@vps:~$ cd ~/go/src/

    And then do:

    yamn@vps:~/go/src/$ go build
  • If all went well you should see a newly created binary file called yamn inside the source code folder ~/go/src/

  • Create a folder for your new YAMN remailer to reside:

    yamn@vps:~$ mkdir ~/yamn

    And create a Maildir folder inside it:

    yamn@vps:~$ mkdir -p ~/yamn/Maildir/{cur,new,tmp}
  • Copy the new yamn binary into your new yamn folder:

    yamn@vps:~$ cp ~/go/src/ ~/yamn
  • You will need a .procmailrc file in the root of yamn user's home directory along side your .profile and .bashrc files. Download this one which should work for you:

    yamn@vps:~$ wget --no-check-certificate
    yamn@vps:~$ mv dot-procmailrc ~/.procmailrc

  • Also, create the necessary folder and log file for Procmail:

    yamn@vps:~$ mkdir ~/procmail && touch ~/procmail/procmail.log
  • Create your remailer's yamn.cfg file in your yamn folder. Here is a sample yamn.cfg file for you to start with. Download it and place it in your yamn directory.

    yamn@vps:~/yamn$ wget --no-check-certificate

    Certain lines in this yamn.cfg need to be changed to match your remailer's information. Specifically OutboundAddy, Name (your remailer's shortname, like iria or frell) and Address (Your remailer's email address. It's customary to name it

  • As root or sudo user let's create a Systemd service so that YAMN will start up automatically after a crash or a reboot of your VPS. Follow these instructions - create-yamn-service.txt - and then return to this tutorial.

  • Login as user 'yamn' and take a look at your yamn folder. If you created a Systemd service as per the above instructions your Yamn remailer should now be fully operating.

    A remailer key will have been generated (key.txt and secring.mix), stats and keys should have been downloaded and some system folders like idlog, chunkdb and pool will have been generated.

  • To test that your new remailer is processing incoming mail you can send a remailer-key request (Subject: remailer-key) to your new remailer from an outside email account, just like you would for a Mixmaster remailer. You should get a reply in a minute or two.

  • Your new YAMN remailer will not receive any traffic until it is publically announced. The most common way of announcing your new remailer is to post a message to the Usenet discussion group alt.privacy.anon-server. You can also announce your remailer in the Email listserv Remops List. Soon after your announcement the YAMN pinger services (a pinger is like a directory of all public remailers) will add your remailer address to their lists. Soon after that your YAMN remailer will begin receiving real traffic from the public.

    YAMN Pinger Services:
    Cloaked Yamn Pinger
    Mixmin Yamn Pinger
    Frell Yamn Pinger

  • To see full YAMN usage type "man yamn" or visit

  • Done!

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