Install the Go language on Debian/Ubuntu

  • We will install the Go language via this shell script by Jorge Canha.

    This script is brilliant. It provides you with a single user installation of Go. It does everything for you including the download of the latest Go version.

  • As regular user 'yamn' (create user yamn if she does not exist) download the Golang Tools Install Script:

    yamn@debian:~$ wget --no-check-certificate
  • Unzip

    yamn@debian:~$ unzip

    and then move into the extracted folder

    yamn@debian:~$ cd golang-tools-install-script-master

    and do:

    yamn@debian::~/golang-tools-install-script-master$ bash
  • That should set you up with an installation of Go and automatically insert the necessary PATH information into your .bashrc file.

  • Logout of user yamn. Then log in again.

    The Go language is now installed.

  • To check that your Go installation is working run the following command:

    yamn@debian:~$ go version
    go version go1.13.7 linux/amd64
  • Done!

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