Install the YAMN client on Debian/Ubuntu

YAMN can be run as a client or a remailer server. In this tutorial we are interested only in the client portion of the program. Currently there is no GUI for Yamn under Linux. What exists is a command line app written in Golang.

First we will download the source code for YAMN, and then we will build a yamn binary using Go to compile it. If you would like to skip the compiling process and just grab a pre-compiled YAMN binary Stefan Claas offers these Yamn binaries for various architectures

  • If you haven't already done so install the Go language by following the tutorial HERE.

  • As root or as a sudo user install Git which will allow you to download the YAMN source code from Zax's Github repository:

    root@debian:~$ apt install git
  • While we are root let's install the man (manual) page for YAMN client:

    root@debian:~$ wget --no-check-certificate && mv yamn.1 /usr/share/man/man1
  • Logout of root. Login as regular user 'yamn' or whichever user in whose home directory you installed Go.

  • Download the YAMN source code:

    yamn@debian:~$ go get
  • To build the YAMN binary do:

    yamn@debian:~$ cd ~/go/src/
  • And then do:

    yamn@debian:~/go/src/$ go build
  • If all went well you should see a newly created binary file called yamn inside the source code folder ~/go/src/

  • Create a folder for your new yamn client:

    yamn@debian:~$ mkdir ~/yamn
  • Copy the new yamn binary into your new yamn folder:

    yamn@debian:~$ cp ~/go/src/ ~/yamn
  • Move to your YAMN folder:

  • yamn@debian:~$ cd ~/yamn
  • You only need to place a yamn.cfg file in that folder and you are ready to go. Here is a sample yamn.cfg for you to start with. Download it to your new yamn directory:

  • yamn@debian:~/yamn$ wget --no-check-certificate
  • In your yamn folder compose your outgoing message in file message.txt. Here is a sample for you: message.txt.

    yamn@debian:~$ wget --no-check-certificate

    Change to a valid recipient address.

  • Once your outgoing message.txt is composed, at the command line do:

    yamn@debian:~/yamn$ yamn --mail message.txt

    This will create an encrypted YAMN message chained through three random remailers and place it into ~/yamn/pool

  • To send out the messages in your pool do:

    yamn@debian:~/yamn$ yamn -S
  • More Examples

    # Create an anonymous email through 3 random remailers
    yamn --mail message.txt
    # Create an anonymous email, multiple copies
    yamn --mail --copies=2 message.txt
    # Create an anonymous email, with a user-defined chain
    yamn --mail --chain="curve,*,*,yamn3" --copies=2 message.txt
    # Generate one dummy message and place it in the pool
    yamn -d

  • To see full YAMN usage type "man yamn" or visit

  • Done!

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