Use YAMN with Tor (Windows 10)

The YAMN Remailer Client by Inwtx has Tor functionality built into it!

  • If you haven't done so already Download the YAMN Remailer Client by Inwtx.

  • Extract the contents of the Zip file into a separate folder. We suggest C:\Users\Bob\yamn-client.

  • To use Tor functionality in the YAMN client you must first install Tor on your computer if you haven't already installed it.

  • After Tor is installed and running on your computer let's begin using YAMN with Tor.

    The YAMN program executable is YAMNclient.exe. Double-click on it.

  • YAMN GUI screenshot

    To send your outgoing YAMN messages through Tor network:

  • Make sure there is a checkmark in the "Use tor" box.

  • Make sure to choose a .onion address from the list in the blue dropdown box near the botton of the program window.

  • Choose a template (e.g. "Basic To" or "Basic Newsgroups"..) from the blue dropdown box near the top of program window.

  • Compose your message and then click the "Send" button.

  • Done!

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