Install the YAMN client on Windows 10

There are two ways to use YAMN under Windows: on the command line or by using the Yamn Remailer Client created by Inwtx Admin.

Command Line Usage

  • Download the binary yamn.exe from the author Zax's Web site. Stefan Claas also offers these Yamn binaries for various architectures.

  • Create a folder for your YAMN client. We suggest c:\Users\Bob\yamn. Move yamn.exe into your new yamn folder;

  • Now you only need to place a yamn.cfg file in that folder and you are ready to go. Here is a sample yamn.cfg for you to start with.

  • In your yamn folder compose your outgoing message in a file message.txt. Here is a sample for you: message.txt. Change to a valid recipient address.

  • Now lets move to the command line to actually begin using YAMN. Open a terminal window and change to directory C:\Users\Bob\yamn

  • At the command line do:

    yamn --mail message.txt

    This will create an encrypted YAMN message chained through three random remailers and placed into c:\Users\Bob\yamn\pool

  • To send out the messages in your pool do:

    yamn -S
  • More Examples

    # Create an anonymous email through 3 random remailers
    yamn --mail message.txt

    # Create an anonymous email, multiple copies
    yamn --mail --copies=2 message.txt

    # Create an anonymous email, with a user-defined chain
    yamn --mail --chain="curve,*,*,yamn3" --copies=2 message.txt

    # Generate one dummy message and place it in the pool
    yamn -d
  • To see full YAMN usage visit

  • Done!

YAMN Remailer Client

  • Download the YAMN Remailer Client for Windows.

  • Extract the contents of the Zip file into a seperate folder. We suggest C:\Users\Bob\yamn-client.

  • The program's executable is YAMNclient.exe. Double-click on it.

  • Yamn client screenshot
  • The program is very easy to grasp. At the top of the program window you will see a blue dropdown box called "Templates". Choose the template called [Basic To] to load a template to send an anonymous email. Choose the template called [Basic Newsgroups] to load a template for sending to Usenet.

  • Done!

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