QuickSilver Support Options

QuickSilver is freeware and very popular freeware at that! In earlier years it was possible for me to hold users hands and walk them through the various processes of the program. I am sorry but there are far too many users to hold your hand these days. Though QSL is easy to use, it assumes the user is at least acquainted with with the remailer network and how it functions. There are some info sources on my Remailer Links page that can help you achieve some necessary knowledge. You should also use google to find info on anonymous remailers and nymservers.

Still, I am willing to answer questions, but I expect you to read the documentation first. You'll do yourself a big favor if you read the QuickStart (Help|QuickStart on the QSL and QSA main menus).


You can send me your questions and I will do my best to answer quickly and accurately. If security requirements don't allow for you to contact me from your regular email account, a free email account or nym account can be used.


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