This is a tutorial on how to install and setup QSL, a remailer client.

I. Download QSL here.
    The download is on this line:  "The file you want is: QSLite-1.1.4.exe"

II. Click on the QSLite-1.1.4.exe and it will ask where you want it to be unzipped. This will
    be the folder where QSL then resides. The program will then continue with the Setup.

III. Follow the instructions on the entropy window.

IV. Click 'Create desktop shortcut' and enter anonymous@anonymous.com in the
     'Email Address' box.

V. In the 'Email Address and SMTP Host' window under 'SMTP Server', enter the free
    host 'snorky.mixmin.net'. Enter 2525 for 'Port' and selectTLS in the dropdown box.

VI. Skip the next SMTP Proxy and HTTP Proxy windows and click out the Finish window.

VII. The main QSL window will now appear and will contain default message headers.
      To prevent any sent messages from being stored on your computer, delete the top
      'Fcc: outbox' line. Then save the default message headers by clicking the menu
      'File'/'Save as New Message'.

VIII. Message formating: There must be a space between a header : and a parameter. There
        must be a blank line between the Subject: line and the message that goes below it.
        There must be 2 tildes ~~ after the end of the message.

IX. Next, the parameters to use for sending post to news groups is setup and saved as a templete.
     Clear the QSL window and type in the headers below without the red text and note at the end.

     Then click on menu 'File'/'Save as Templete...', name it 'News' in the box, and click OK. Now
     when you want to send to a news group, you can click on the Templates button on the QSL
     interface and select News, which will load in those headers. You can do the reverse and put
     the regular email parameters in Templates and save News to 'File'/'Save as New Message'.